graduate in gown and cap holding a bunch of money

More Bang for your Buck

Why should you choose Rogue Community College for your education? Here are three smart reasons. 1. Cost Sure, you could go to a four-year university and pay twice as much for tuition, housing, and gas to drive home when you’re homesick. Or you could invest fewer dollars in a great education designed to get you a job—so you can start making money rather than spending...
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Admissions coaches as RCC are holding the doors open to the college

Our Doors Are Open—Come on in!

You have a dream job. But it requires higher education and training. Are you afraid it’s just not feasible? Here’s good news. Whatever your age or stage in life, a college education is possible—and we’re committed to helping you get one. Rogue Community College is an open enrollment institution. That means anyone can qualify to attend. We also do our very best to make school...
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RCC has a new app run by the company oolahlah

Are you on Rogue Connect?

Want to keep up with campus friends and events? There’s an app for that. Introducing Rogue Connect, a free, user-friendly mobile app for all things RCC. Rogue Connect is a hub for campus news and communication. Students can opt-in to favorite campus opportunities and note them on a personal calendar with the touch of a button. The app allows students to access class schedules, campus...
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Community Focus Award students participating in the annual waste audit at RCC.

Sustainable Community Development Focus Award

You want to change the world, right? So what’s stopping you? At Rogue Community College, we don’t just talk about making change. We do it, and we show you how to do it, too. The Sustainable Community Development Focus Award are courses designed to educate and equip students in three vital areas: community engagement and leadership, sustainability, and diversity. When you become informed and inspired...
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the fine people that make Oregon great, shaped into the state of Oregon

Oregon’s Best Investment

At Rogue Community College, we’re training professionals for a purpose. All of our degree programs and certificates are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to qualify for a career opportunity in our local area. “Community colleges are an excellent path for people to get the training they need for jobs that are in demand,” says RCC President Peter Angstadt. “And...
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