Entrepreneurs Commercial Cookspace (ECC)

The Entrepreneurs Commercial Cookspace (ECC) is a fully equipped, modern and professional kitchen at RCC that provides future business owners like Gabby Taylor, owner of Organic Harvest, a place to develop and operate a successful business within the food industry. ECC strives to provide support for the community’s entrepreneurs by assisting individuals develop, launch and grow their food business. ECC understands the difficulties that are...
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Rogue Diversity Community Project

Rogue Community Diversity Project

Check out the Rogue Community Diversity project gallery! Inspired by a similar portrait series at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), the Diversity Programming Board (DPB) partnered with RCC graphic design students and many other contributors, to create the Rogue Community Diversity project. The project was combines the power of images and narrative to provide a glimpse into the individuals who make up our...
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animal house cafe logo

Animal House: Behind the Scenes

Most commonly known as Animal House at Table Rock and Redwood campuses and Belmondo at Riverside campus, is the RCC gourmet food and beverage service. Some of its most popular products range from their grab-and-go chicken bacon wraps to a white chocolate and caramel latte referred to as the Animal Coffee. At Redwood campus, Adam Philipp and Sara Hutchison are the chefs behind the scenes....
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Meet 2017 RCC Graduate M.A. Zamani

Graduating June 17 with a 4.0, M.A. Zamani will be receiving his Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design. Zamani expressed, “I feel like all the hard work I’ve been putting in is paying off. I feel like I deserve this!” When Zamani was younger he dropped out of college because he felt a degree would not prove his self-worth. But after returning, Zamani explains,...
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Meet 2017 RCC Graduate Kodie Gallegos

RCC graduate, Kodie Gallegos, has reason to be proud. She has worked extremely hard to be who and where she is today. In her senior year of high school, Gallegos had to make the difficult decision between following her family during their relocation to another state or to stay behind in order to finish out her educational path here in Oregon. Ultimately, with the love...
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