RCC recruits take key step toward great careers in high-demand industries

Rogue Community College welcomed and celebrated the futures of 29 students who took a key step toward establishing skilled careers at RCC’s 2019 CTE Signing Day. The second annual event was held Feb. 21 at the Table Rock Campus. CTE Signing Day mirrors the NCAA National Signing Day for athletes who commit to play sports in college. At the RCC event, students from six Southern...
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Explore transfer options at January events

Representatives from four-year colleges and universities across Oregon will visit Rogue Community College campuses in Medford and Grants Pass later this month to showcase what their schools have to offer. RCC students considering transferring to a four-year school are invited to stop by these drop-in events: Wednesday, Jan. 30 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the G Building lobby at the Riverside Campus, 117 S. Central Ave., Medford.  Thursday, Jan. 31 from 10...
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Don’t let engineers talk over your head

Jessica Simpson already had a bachelor’s degree, but when she needed additional training in a new career field, she signed up for classes at Rogue Community College. “I came to Linx Technologies with a mechanical engineering degree, which did not really focus on electronics, so I was lacking in knowledge about what we do here,” conceded Simpson, operations manager for the Merlin-based wireless components company....
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Sarah Villagran is a Medical Assistant at Asante

Allied Health: A Pathway to Many Careers

Jobs in the health care field are projected to grow 18 percent between 2016 and 2026, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. That’s more anticipated growth than any other occupational group, resulting in about 2.4 million new health care jobs over a decade. “Health care is a great field. It has a lot of avenues of opportunity for growth,” says Karline Kleker, practice manager for Asante’s primary care clinic in White City, Oregon. “It’s...
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Fire Science: ‘One of the Best in Oregon’

Community partnerships and hands-on experience are key to many Rogue Community College career technical programs, including the fire science program where student firefighters often work alongside career firefighters as members of an engine crew while completing their degree. That on-the-job experience helps set RCC graduates apart, according to Capt. Ben Kennedy with Jackson County Fire District 3. RCC has “one of the best fire science...
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Auto Technology: ‘It’s Not Just Wrenching’

Anyone who owns a vehicle needs a good mechanic, and RCC’s auto tech graduates are in high demand, according to Pete Ridgeway, co-chair of the RCC Automotive Technology department. “There’s more demand than I have graduates to fill,” Ridgeway said. “The need for entry-level technicians in the auto industry is enormous.” People may not realize college is a path to becoming an auto technician, but... Read more

Business and Education Partner for Student Success

Two students, Erin and Tony, can’t see why they are in school. College is expensive, and besides, there are no jobs, they say. What’s the point? Erin and Tony think about dropping out when they turn 16. They are disconnected. But there are great local entry level jobs in the Rogue Valley: places like Carestream Health, which produces chemical coatings for medical imaging; Oregon Swiss...
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medical worker

Teachable Minutes: Being Truthful to Your Doctor

  Hi, this is Jeremy from the medical assistant program at Rogue Community College. Did you know that being truthful to your doctor can improve your overall health? It’s true, our medical assistant students know that people who withhold information from their doctor are more likely to have high blood pressure or high cholesterol and their doctor could misdiagnose their condition, or misread signs or...
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cooking classes at RCC

Thai cooking: Sweet, sour, bitter, hot and salty in every bite

Photo and article by: KATHLEEN ALAKS/Daily Courier A rich, pungent, aroma wafts through the classroom kitchen at Hidden Valley High School as chef Emily Moore stirs chopped garlic and shallots in a hot wok. “The technique is called dry frying, which is frying without oil,” Moore explains. “It’s usually used for spices, but in this case the shallots and garlic are dry fried so they...
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