take online classes virtually anywhere, a student in a coffee shop on a computer

Online Degrees Now Available

Wish you could go to class in your pajamas? You can—without ever leaving the house. RCC is now offering two transfer degrees online, no classrooms necessary. All you need is the Internet and a little determination. “The world of education has become more flexible, and we want to meet the needs of students who may want to learn from home,” says Kori Bieber, VP of...
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take classes online with RCC's distance learning program

What is Distance Learning?

Ever heard of distance learning? No? Well, you’ve probably heard of online classes. Tomato, to-mah-to. No matter how you say it, we’re talking about the same thing. Distance learning is defined as an online course that a student attends similar to a face-to-face class, only you don’t have to enter a classroom. You’re assigned an instructor and a syllabus with tests, quizzes, reading, and homework,...
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More Bang for your Buck

Why should you choose Rogue Community College for your education? Here are three smart reasons. 1. Cost Sure, you could go to a four-year university and pay twice as much for tuition, housing, and gas to drive home when you’re homesick. Or you could invest fewer dollars in a great education designed to get you a job—so you can start making money rather than spending...
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Admissions coaches as RCC are holding the doors open to the college

Our Doors Are Open—Come on in!

You have a dream job. But it requires higher education and training. Are you afraid it’s just not feasible? Here’s good news. Whatever your age or stage in life, a college education is possible—and we’re committed to helping you get one. Rogue Community College is an open enrollment institution. That means anyone can qualify to attend. We also do our very best to make school...
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RCC programs prepare students for high-demand jobs

Many Rogue Community College programs and trainings match the top 20 occupations listed by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, including those with the highest projected increases in jobs for 2022. “Throughout RCC’s history, one of our main missions has been to prepare students for jobs that are in demand,” said RCC President Peter Angstadt. “Our local advisory committees help keep RCC’s...
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Amanda Dickey and Chip Layton, RCC Physical Therapy Assistant students (left) with Susan Wallace, a Lane Community College instructor.

Health care degrees an avenue to high-paying careers

Helping people recover from accident or illness is just one reward the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program offers RCC students Amanda Dickey and Chip Layton. The program is offered in the Rogue Valley through a partnership with Lane Community College (LCC). “Our instructors are knowledgeable and really care to make sure we know what we are doing,” said Dickey, who previously worked in operations management...
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student making sparks fly whil grinding metal with a safety mask on

RCC helps industry meet growing need for skilled workers

Manufacturing is resurging in the Rogue Valley, but industry is having a hard time finding skilled workers to fill key jobs. To help meet that need, RCC is gearing up its industrial technology trainings with a focus on high-demand jobs. Steven Foster, chair of RCC’s Manufacturing Engineering Technology Department, has observed an upsurge in manufacturing in the Rogue Valley from small to medium to larger...
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Joe Momyer RCC counselor

Lost your job? Follow these steps to redirect your career

When you’re laid off or fired from a job, the first reaction normally is shock. “This can’t really be happening to me!” As a former corporate human resources executive, I can tell you that there are few events in anyone’s life more traumatic than losing a job. But you can take positive action that can result in positive outcomes. Here are my suggestions: First, don’t...
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