Innovation Hub gears up in Grants Pass

Learning through doing. That’s the focus of the maker movement, a cultural trend picking up steam throughout the country that encourages people to make things rather than just consume them. The idea behind the maker movement is that if we can give people the tools and the space to create, we can generate a society of innovators, inventors, and self-sustainers who will make the world...
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Make for All logo

RCC joins coalition to boost maker education

Rogue Community College has joined in the Make For All coalition and was part of the national rollout on June 14, 2019. Participation in Make For All is part of broad efforts by RCC to develop resource centers known as makerspaces where students and the community can develop skills and products. Make For All is a national coalition of leading education organizations focused on broadening...
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Making a Stronger Community with the Rogue Innovation Hub

Rogue Community College is working with the City of Grants Pass and community partners to develop an innovation hub/makerspace in Grants Pass. What are makerspaces and innovation hubs? In general, they are places where people get together to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover things collaboratively, using a variety of tools and materials. They take many forms and can focus on anything from computer programming...
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