Logos & RCC team up for Double Diploma Record

Medford Charter School Grads Net Diplomas and AA Degrees in Tandem

Logos Charter School in the Medford School District has reached a new milestone. Twelve of their 2022 graduating seniors netted both a high school diploma and a two-year Rogue Community College (RCC) Associate of Arts degree on their graduation day. Three additional Logos graduates netted skill-based RCC certificates to top off their diplomas.

“We have a unique partnership,” said Kristin Gaylor, Logos Scholars Academy Director.  “This is a first to have so many of our graduates bring home college degrees and certificates that they earned while finishing high school. Students can launch right into good jobs or head off to additional university programs.” Logos is an accredited public school, serving grades K–12, sponsored by the Medford School District 549C.

According to Gaylor, the Logos Scholars Academy offers their high school students the opportunity to attend RCC and/or Southern Oregon University for free part-time or full-time to earn dual credits. Earned college credits also then apply towards their high school graduation requirements – providing the opportunity to earn two diplomas at once.

“Gaining college credit with RCC is a win-win for students from our region,” said Laura Bowles, RCC College Now Coordinator. “The college offers two options for students in both Jackson and Josephine counties to earn college credits and work toward degrees while still in high school. Our students at Logos primarily participated in the RCC Early College program but every regional high school offers some form of fast track toward RCC credits, preparing students for earlier employment and quicker paths to higher education.”

According to Bowles, the RCC College Now program, offered in partnership with regional high schools, creates a sampling of college classes for students to take within their familiar high school environment. “Taking RCC classes with their own high school teachers and classmates is comfortable and increases their likelihood of experiencing success,” said Bowles.

RCC’s Early College program allows high school students to enroll in regular RCC classes with other RCC students on campus or online — securing credits, credentials and two-year degrees while simultaneously finishing high school.

Every Jackson and Josephine County high school is offering at least one College Now class and some have many options available. Exciting courses include Welding, Manufacturing, Basic Life Support (health care training), Emergency First Aid and core courses such as math and humanities.

Students are encouraged to work with their existing high school counselors to determine what path best fits their needs.  Counselors can also connect students with available financial help to pay for the college credit costs. For those interested in Logos Scholars Academy, limited enrollment openings are anticipated for fall. 

For additional information about RCC’s college credit for high school student programs, contact Laura Bowles, College Now Coordinator at 541-956-7311 or LBowles@roguecc.edu. For high school students interested in earning college degrees while still in high school, contact Rachel Ostroskie, RCC Transition Specialist–Dual Enrollment, at (541) 956-7071 or ROstroskie@roguecc.edu. For those interested in more detail on Logos Scholars Academy, contact Kristin Gaylor at 541-842-1937 or kgaylor@logoscharter.com.


For general media inquiries, please contact Julie Raefield, M.A., Public Information Officer, Community and Government Relations Coordinator, at 541-956-7319, jraefield@roguecc.edu.