Maple removed from Redwood Campus arboretum

You may have noticed the Autumn Flame Red Maple (acer rubrum) next to the Rogue Auditorium on the Redwood Campus was recently removed. It was a favorite tree of the RCC Arboretum, and we are sad to lose it.

However, there were two reasons why the tree needed to be removed: The auditorium restrooms are being expanded to accommodate people with disabilities as prescribed by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the tree also had a bacterial disease that would have eventually necessitated its removal.

There is good news! The college will plant a new tree of the same species somewhere else on campus, keeping the arboretum healthy and vibrant.

There are many beautiful and unusual trees in the RCC Arboretum. To see a video of the arboretum or download a walking tour map, go to Tour maps are also available at the library and Student Services on the Redwood Campus.