Welcome Dane Johns

J. Dane Johns is a new addition to Oregon and RCC Access & Disability Services. Coming from Boise State University with undergraduate degrees in philosophy, communications and history and a master’s in medieval history, Dane’s thesis was on knights and their social stratification at the outset of the Middle Ages. Dane has a professional background in academic and professional testing, and he still teaches classes remotely for Boise State on ethics and diversity using graphic novels.  

Dane is a true nerd. He has a passion for tabletop gaming, roleplaying, video games and comics. He has been a LARPer in Belegarth Medieval Combat Society since 2003, where he was granted knighthood in 2008. Dane’s been an airsoft player since 2011 and attends large events all over the West. Dane is also a cosplayer and avid con-goer (he’s worked for FanX in Salt Lake since 2018). He is a part of the North American Assassin’s Guild, which is a recognized Assassin’s Creed cosplay organization.

Dane loves the outdoors and grew up camping, hunting and fishing the Idaho forests. He is excited to explore his new home and Rogue Valley as a whole. If he’s not at work, expect to find him camped with his partner Dani near a body of water surrounded by mountains and trees.