Urban Institute and RCC Collaborate to Improve Data Collection on Parenting Students

Jackson and Josephine counties (April 3, 2024) – Rogue Community College will join the Urban Institute’s launch of a new practice to improve data collection on college students who are parents as part of the Data-to-Action (D2A) Campaign for Parenting Students. The cohort will include eight grantee colleges and universities and one citywide college system. As part of the collaborative effort, Rogue Community College will work to collect data on parenting and single-mother students in its college data systems and use that data to support students and their educational goals.

Rogue Community College, like many other institutions, has minimal student data. However, with the data that has been collected from various surveys throughout the years, it’s estimated that 35% of RCC students are also parents.

According to the Urban Institute, the D2A campaign aims to inform high-quality data collection on college students’ parenting status and use the data to improve opportunities for student parents. Through coaching, technical assistance and peer learning, the campaign supports a College Community of Practice comprised of higher education institutions in California, Illinois and Oregon. These states have taken the lead in passing legislation to collect all college students’ parenting status at the student-record level, with the goal of improving higher education outcomes.

“More than 4.3 million undergraduate college students in the United States have children, representing more than one in five undergraduate students,” said Theresa Anderson, a principal research associate at Urban Institute. “Despite national data showing this group’s large size, an absence of data at individual schools about parent students’ enrollment, characteristics, experiences and outcomes renders them nearly invisible. We’re excited to help ensure that the educational needs of this understudied group are met.”

The grantees are:

  • Bakersfield College – Bakersfield, Calif.
  • California Polytechnic University – San Luis Obispo, Calif.
  • California State University – Channel Islands, Calif.
  • City Colleges of Chicago – Chicago, Ill.
  • Klamath Community College – Klamath Falls, Ore.
  • Lane Community College – Eugene, Ore.
  • Rogue Community College – Grants Pass, Ore
  • Southwestern Oregon Community College – Coos Bay, Ore.
  • Treasure Valley Community College – Ontario, Ore.

Rogue Community College will receive $60,000 for two years through the Urban Institute and will work with their team to help collect data and implement strategies to use that information to support students. A Rogue Community College student employee, who is also a student parent, is part of the team. Her perspective during the analysis will ensure student parents are seen and heard throughout the grant process.

“As a parenting student at RCC, I am excited to see the impact of this important grant and to be part of bringing better support and resources to parenting students for years to come,” said student employee Lynne Hamblin.

If you would like to learn more, contact RCC Institutional Research Analyst Kayla Rasson at krasson@roguecc.edu or 541-956-7408.

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