Campus job helps student worker use skills beyond the classroom

By Janeen McGinnis

Being a student worker at Rogue Community College has been such an incredible experience. As a college student, like many others, I have financial struggles along with time constraints. Getting a job at the college has helped me tremendously as my work schedule is arranged around my academic schedule.

A pair of student workers at the Redwood Campus library give each other a high five.
A pair of student workers at the Redwood Campus library give a high five.

Having flexibility in my schedule is extremely helpful as it evolves from one term to the next. Generally I can work between 10-20 hours a week, depending on my availability. I have made the commitment that school and studying comes first. Having a job on campus allows me to keep my studies as my first priority.

One of the best things about working at RCC is the support, encouragement and interaction with college staff and my fellow students. I am learning valuable skills to help me be a great employee. Having that support throughout my college journey, has made such a positive impact on this experience for me.

It is so fantastic when I get to help a fellow student. While I’m working at the Redwood Campus library, many students come in to check out books, get help and use the computers for homework and tests. Some students are new at using computers. It boggles my mind a bit when I get to use the skills I learned in the CS120 class to help someone else.

Recently, I helped a tearful student find her missing paper. She had worked hours on her project and somehow it disappeared leaving her understandably upset. Luckily, I was able to retrieve it from the “recycle bin” which was something she hadn’t learned about yet. I was able to help her!

Concepts in Computing (CS120) prepared me to navigate my way around a computer and my own campus job gave me the opportunity to put those skills to use. Using the concepts I learned in class keeps them fresh in my brain. – and what a boost to my confidence levels! Look out future career, here I come!

For more information about student employment at RCC, contact Barb McAuley at or 541-956-7091.

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  1. In the RCC Foundation we have had a series of terrific work-study students. I’m so happy others are having good experiences, too. Judy Basker

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