Fix Your Content Day 2023 Winners

awards and trophies that go to the top winners in the Fix Your Content challenge of 2023.

For the second year in a row, RCC participated in the worldwide competition to improve accessibility for students who experience disabilities. The event is hosted by Ally through Blackboard. RCC came in 26th out of 85 colleges and universities around the world. Departments will be presented with trophies to be displayed as their department chairs see fit. Individual and honorable mention recipients will receive Olympic-style medals. Individual and department winners are listed below.

1st – Social Science – 84 files fixed
2nd – Electronics – 64 files fixed
3rd – Computer Information Science – 32 files fixed

1st – Francine Gentile – Social Science
2nd – Jim Shaw – Emergency Services
3rd – Alan Jackson – Computer Information Science

Honorable Mention
Kim Benson – MTH 95
Rosie Converse Soriano – CIS 125DB
Natalie Holiday – MTH 95

Thank you to all who participated and were part of creating a more inclusive learning environment for RCC students! For more information, contact Andrew Childress at