Oregon Promise: Subject to Oregon Legislative Approval

Oregon Promise is a state funded grant that was passed by the legislature in 2015, to help individuals gain access to college education. The program strives to cover most of the tuition costs at any Oregon community college for eligible high school graduates or GED recipients. Funding for Oregon Promise for the 2017-18 academic year is subject to the Oregon Legislative approval.

Laura Salerno, Oregon Promise Academic Advisor and advocate, believes that this grant is an opportunity to showcase to our community that we care about their access to local, affordable high quality education.

“Many students have told us that this grant has made the difference for them, advocating for its continued funding seems to make sense to me,” Salerno says.

Over twenty individuals submitted testimonies to the legislature’s public hearing held earlier this month, explaining the difference Oregon Promise has made in their personal lives.

Salerno states, “There is a massive support in Southern Oregon for the continuation of this grant, as seen by the twenty-four letters sent to the legislature with only a twenty-four hour notice.”

One letter explained that without Oregon Promise the student would have had to choose between pursuing higher education and having a place to live. Several of the testimonies expressed that college never would have been an option without the opportunity provided by the grant.

The Oregon Promise Academic Advisor explains that it can be difficult and concerning for students not knowing for certain if the grant will be funded again next year. It is uncertain how many of them will be able to continue at RCC without this opportunity.

Information will be available in July regarding whether or not funding will be available for the 2017-18 academic year.

For more information regarding the grant visit the Oregon Promise information page.