Recognition Matters

RCC employees are encouraged to join the effort to recognize/celebrate each other in a variety of ways:

  1. Extend a simple “thank you” or “good job” when applicable.
  2. Log onto HR CaughtYa® and record an observation of an employee’s good work.
  3. Communicate achievements (big and small) (don’t be shy) for yourself or someone else by contacting Denise Swafford,

Examples of performance excellence in action reported through CaughtYa® last term:

“[David Flemming] went beyond to add names to the new printer in tutoring center and upgraded a keyboard. He was very friendly and helpful!”

“Debbie [Dice] is a pleasure to work with and is always so helpful and courteous that I want her to know that I recognize and appreciate all the hard work she has done for Allied Health and for me directly.”

“. . . every time I interact with Sheri [Muzzioli] she is a pleasure to work with and very helpful. I always go to her with any tough student cases I am working with, and she goes above and beyond to explain the ins and outs of financial aid to both me and the student. Sheri rocks!”

Caughtya® messages may be anonymous and are automatically emailed to the subject employee and his/her supervisor.