RCC celebrates Open Education Week

Educators around the globe are celebrating Open Education Week (March 1-8, 2019), and RCC is celebrating the progress instructors are making toward replacing expensive textbooks with Open Education Resources. OERs are instructional materials that are licensed to allow free distribution and revision by others, and they’re not just less expensive—they can also be an improvement over traditional textbooks. “Blueprint for Success in College and Career,”...
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Students saving money big time with OERs

RCC’s Textbook Affordability Group (TAG) is working to make course materials more affordable and accessible. Textbook costs continue to rise, and there are frequent new editions and access code requirements. These costs cause many students to delay purchasing materials and postpone taking courses. One area that TAG is focused on is Open Educational Resources (OERs). These are instructional materials licensed to allow free distribution and...
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Lutz Kramer

Longtime RCC instructor Lutz Kramer “still learning”

“At one point, I was teaching ethics, volleyball and remedial spelling,” Lutz Kramer recalls with a laugh. The humanities instructor has been part of the RCC community since 1974. He estimates that as many as 10,000 students have passed through his classes over the past 43 years, mostly in subjects like philosophy, ethics and intercultural communication. “I originally assumed I would spend a few years...
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Gary Heigel, EMS Department Chair

RCC teaching innovations benefit students

Simulation exercises play a major role in preparing RCC Emergency Services students to become paramedics and emergency medical technicians. An ambulance crew typically consists of one para-medic and an EMT, meaning from day one recent graduates must be fully prepared to handle the range of real-life emergencies they will experience on the job. “They may be the only para-medic on the scene,” says Gary Heigel,...
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Recognition Matters

RCC employees are encouraged to join the effort to recognize/celebrate each other in a variety of ways: Extend a simple “thank you” or “good job” when applicable. Log onto HR CaughtYa® and record an observation of an employee’s good work. Communicate achievements (big and small) (don’t be shy) for yourself or someone else by contacting Denise Swafford, DSwafford@roguecc.edu. Examples of performance excellence in action reported...
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Suzanne Chavez during the 2017 Winter Term.

The View Back: An RCC Instructor’s Experience

Suzanne Chavez has watched Rogue Community College grow and change since it began in 1970. What started with a few buildings in Grants Pass has now grown to cover two counties and has three separate campuses. “I’ve always liked Rogue,” said Chavez, 61, who currently teaches Spanish courses there as well as oversees the college’s Foreign Language department. “In this case, the name ‘community college’...
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Title IX

RCC supports and enforces Title IX

Rogue Community College has a zero-tolerance policy for any discrimination on the basis of sex or gender. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. Title IX requires that RCC respond to and remedy any sexual discrimination and ensures that our campuses are a safe and inclusive space for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors. If you feel you...
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Gary Heigel EMS instructor at RCC posing in front of a training ambulance

Teachable Minutes: Stroke

Hello, this is Gary in the Emergency Services Department at Rogue Community College. This year, more than half a million Americans will suffer a stroke- a medical emergency that occurs when blood supply to the brain is disrupted. Immediate treatment can greatly improve a person’s chances of returning to a normal, independent life. That is why you need to call early. The key is to...
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Teachable Minutes: Flossing

  Hello, this is Carmen from the Dental Assistant program at Rogue Community College. Did you know flossing can improve your overall health? It’s true. Our dental assistant students know people with tooth decay and gum disease are more likely to have a stroke and are more likely to have respiratory infections. Pregnant women with excess bacteria on their teeth and gums are at an...
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