Teachable Minutes – Admissions with Javier

Hi, Javier here from Rogue Community College. When I was a senior getting ready to graduate high school, pondering my future, I had dreams and passions, but I didn’t know where to begin.

What I did know was, I wanted to earn my college degree; find a fun, stable job with good wages and, of course, benefits.

With everything happening so fast and my next steps unclear, I was in need of some help.

That’s when I came across the friendly staff at Rogue Community College.

I made an appointment one day with one of the advisors. He made everything perfectly clear to me, like what classes I should sign up for, cost of tuition, how to get financial aid, how long it will take to finish.

Every question was answered.

I felt so confident leaving our meeting that I could already picture myself doing what I love.

The rest is history.

I earned my two-year degree and now I do love my job, which is to help people get on the path to their future.

Start your path and call me Javier at 541-956-7217 or apply now online at www.roguecc.edu.