Ann Trausch with a Electronics Student

Teachable Minutes: Electronics

  Hi, this is Ann Trausch at Rogue Community College and I teach in the electronics department. And people ask me what’s the difference between electronics and electricity all the time. Well, electricity is about the generation, distribution, and use of electrical energy. This energy is used to charge our cellphones, power the lights, computers, cars, washers and dryers and many more devices in our...
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medical worker

Teachable Minutes: Being Truthful to Your Doctor

  Hi, this is Jeremy from the medical assistant program at Rogue Community College. Did you know that being truthful to your doctor can improve your overall health? It’s true, our medical assistant students know that people who withhold information from their doctor are more likely to have high blood pressure or high cholesterol and their doctor could misdiagnose their condition, or misread signs or...
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Gary Heigel EMS instructor at RCC posing in front of a training ambulance

Teachable Minutes: Stroke

Hello, this is Gary in the Emergency Services Department at Rogue Community College. This year, more than half a million Americans will suffer a stroke- a medical emergency that occurs when blood supply to the brain is disrupted. Immediate treatment can greatly improve a person’s chances of returning to a normal, independent life. That is why you need to call early. The key is to...
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Teachable Minutes: Flossing

  Hello, this is Carmen from the Dental Assistant program at Rogue Community College. Did you know flossing can improve your overall health? It’s true. Our dental assistant students know people with tooth decay and gum disease are more likely to have a stroke and are more likely to have respiratory infections. Pregnant women with excess bacteria on their teeth and gums are at an...
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