Teachable Minutes: Flossing


dental training program at RCCHello, this is Carmen from the Dental Assistant program at Rogue Community College.

Did you know flossing can improve your overall health? It’s true. Our dental assistant students know people with tooth decay and gum disease are more likely to have a stroke and are more likely to have respiratory infections. Pregnant women with excess bacteria on their teeth and gums are at an increased risk for premature delivery. Studies even show a link between tooth loss before age 35 and Alzheimer’s.

How does this happen? Inflamed, diseased gums can spread infection to the body through the blood stream. When you floss your teeth twice a day, you not only have cleaner, refreshing teeth, you are helping your whole body stay healthy. That’s why our dental assistant students are advocates for flossing and when they go to work at a dentist’s office, they enjoy helping others to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.