Photographing the Solar Eclipse

Hello and welcome to the first ever blog post for the Digital Photography class! Today I’m going to share some info on photographing the upcoming solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21, and share an update on the new Community Education section of CS125dp, the Digital Photography Class. Eclipse… There is a lot of buzz and preparation for the total solar eclipse that will be starting...
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cooking classes at RCC

Thai cooking: Sweet, sour, bitter, hot and salty in every bite

Photo and article by: KATHLEEN ALAKS/Daily Courier A rich, pungent, aroma wafts through the classroom kitchen at Hidden Valley High School as chef Emily Moore stirs chopped garlic and shallots in a hot wok. “The technique is called dry frying, which is frying without oil,” Moore explains. “It’s usually used for spices, but in this case the shallots and garlic are dry fried so they...
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question mark regarding how to pay for college

How to Pay for College

Figuring out if you can pay for college can be overwhelming. After all, the unknown can be scary. So let’s shed light on it and help you make a plan. You can go to college! RCC has a great online tool—the Net Price Calculator—to help you estimate the costs. Here’s an estimated student budget at RCC based on average, full-time enrollment (12 credits per term)...
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Oregon Promise program logo and how it applies to RCC

Oregon Promise: What’s it all about?

Imagine going to community college for free. Is that a myth or a real-life possibility? The answer is: it depends. There’s been a lot of hype about “free college” since the state legislature passed the Oregon Promise Bill in July 2014. But what does the Oregon Promise really mean? First, it is not exactly free for everyone. The legislature approved only $10 million for the...
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Veteran Chris Cooper

Veterans and RCC

When Chris Cooper returned home from Marine combat deployment in Iraq, he had to figure out how to be a civilian again. Through the GI Bill he enrolled in Rogue Community College where he learned to juggle school, family, and work—a common challenge for many adult learners. Yet Chris faced the added struggle of adapting to life outside the military, the only life he had...
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take online classes virtually anywhere, a student in a coffee shop on a computer

Online Degrees Now Available

Wish you could go to class in your pajamas? You can—without ever leaving the house. RCC is now offering two transfer degrees online, no classrooms necessary. All you need is the Internet and a little determination. “The world of education has become more flexible, and we want to meet the needs of students who may want to learn from home,” says Kori Bieber, VP of...
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take classes online with RCC's distance learning program

What is Distance Learning?

Ever heard of distance learning? No? Well, you’ve probably heard of online classes. Tomato, to-mah-to. No matter how you say it, we’re talking about the same thing. Distance learning is defined as an online course that a student attends similar to a face-to-face class, only you don’t have to enter a classroom. You’re assigned an instructor and a syllabus with tests, quizzes, reading, and homework,...
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