Recovery: A Journey That’s Limitless

Michelle Gray, RCC Counseling

For people who are overcoming addiction, the work never stops. I have assisted people with acknowledging their addiction, finding help, and supporting them in their recovery. Recovery is limitless because there is no “done” or finish line. Recovery is limitless because there are constantly new opportunities to include in your toolbox and ways to focus your healthy energy and adapt to your new lifestyle. Balance and boundaries in this new lifestyle are very important, and we urge people in recovery to evaluate these continually.  

This blog entry is meant to encourage you to use your local, national and worldwide resources. It’s meant to let you know that RCC sees and supports you. It’s meant to acknowledge and diminish the stigma around what it means to be in recovery.

We’re proud of our recovery community. Many of the counselors in RCC’s Counseling Department have worked with students in recovery. The counseling team knows that recovery is a challenge that takes hard work and determination. We also know what success in recovery looks like. We have shared so many “happy tears” at graduation ceremonies over the years with students who were successful in recovery, which allowed them success in their educational goals. I am proud of all of our students who put in the work to succeed at their educational goals and I recognize that some students have different obstacles than others to get there. This month, September, we encourage and celebrate students who are working towards their educational goal and their personal goal to maintain their recovery from addiction.  

If you are interested in starting a recovery club at RCC, please contact the ASG-RCC faculty advisor, Chelsea Daugherty at

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