We’re reviewing student accounts in myRogue

RCC has transferred back to RogueNet. We are currently reviewing all student financial aid awards and student account balances for summer, fall and winter terms. We are aware of inaccuracies within some student accounts. We anticipate the cleanup will take three weeks, and we appreciate your patience.

We understand that you may not be able to see your financial aid award or your charges for winter term. Please know that there will be no penalties for late payments this term. Once all student accounts have been reviewed for accuracy, we will work with students on an individual basis if payment arrangements are needed.

We are reviewing student accounts by last name in the following order:

  • Group 1: A, E, L, R
  • Group 2: B, F, M, S
  • Group 3: C, G, N, T
  • Group 4: D, H, O, U
  • Group 5: I, P, V
  • Group 6: J, Q
  • Group 7: K, W, X, Y, Z

You can check the status of your financial aid award in your myRogue account. You will be able to see your award in your account once it has been reviewed. Please check the site to verify your financial aid award and student account balance is correct.

Students with a credit balance for summer and/or fall terms will receive a refund within five (5) working days of the notice of completion.

Thank you,
RCC Communications